Our Wellness Approach

Our approach to wellness begins with staying healthy,
receiving access to medical care for both preventive care and rapid diagnosis
with targeted outcomes. Our offering includes:

What's Included in the Subscription*


Unlimited 24/7/365 coverage for families to bilingual telemedicine physicians, with $0 out of pocket expenses

Online Yoga

Unlimited access to a customized online yoga platform, with a library of exercises, as well as live, virtual classes

Access to Advanced Diagnostic

Discounted access to soft tissue evaluations leveraging Emerge’s proprietary Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA).

Discounted Benefits

Discounted: pharmacy benefits, vision, dental and laboratory services

Customized Stretching Recommendations

Discounted customized stretching recommendations as a follow up to the EFA assessment, developed by certified yoga instructors

* Upon signup members will receive a telemedicine 800# and app, a pharmacy benefit card and access to online yoga library. Subscription can be cancelled at any time. For telemedicine coverage enrollment after the 19th of the month will be enrolled the following month.