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Emerge DX

Wellness Subscription

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Price per month, includes member and upto 6 family members.

Be Healthy Live Better with our monthly health and wellness family program. Emerge Diagnostics has developed the gold standard for musculoskeletal conditions, the leading cause of healthcare costs. Emerge is helping individuals and families with better care, peace of mind and improved quality of life. Our approach to wellness begins with staying healthy, receiving access to medical care for both preventive care and rapid diagnosis with targeted outcomes. Our offering includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7/365 coverage for families to bilingual telemedicine physicians, with $0 out of pocket expenses
  • Unlimited access to a customized online yoga platform, with a library of exercises, as well as live, virtual classes
  • Discounted: pharmacy benefits, vision, dental and laboratory services and
  • Discounted access to soft tissue evaluations leveraging Emerge’s proprietary elctrodiagnostic functional assessment (EFA).
  • Discounted customized stretching recommendations as a follow up to the EFA assessment, developed by certified yoga instructors